take me home and make me like it, choreographed and performed by Paolo Mangiola and Benjamin Ord

Video: Sriwhana Spong

Music: recorded sounds from rehearsals, Ciccone Youth, Dead C, Phillip Glass

Premiere: Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London, 2013

take me home and make me like it is a co-authored work which aims to shift and exchange the roles of choreographer and dancer within its structure. It aims to collapse prevailing notions of the singular choreographer who executes an individual vision, and instead celebrates the making or watching of dance as an act where meaning is generated collectively. The work treads an unstable terrain between post-modern attempts at neutrality to more theatricalised, metaphor-infused attempts at heighted emotion, from the explicit presence of process to the polished virtuosity of classically trained bodies. In the final section both dancer/choreographers become viewers, where they sit on stage and watch a video featuring a duet of stray dogs in what acts as a seemingly irreverent gesture towards what has already taken place.